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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:52 pm

The purpose for this forum is for people who have a desire to make disciples and reach the lost to be able to learn from each other by sharing information and asking questions. We ask that you please abide by these rules while you are here.

Community-Wide Rules

Through this document FUSA stands for Field USA.

No Flaming, Goading or Harassment.

All members should be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times following the rules of civil discourse, this includes heated debate discussions.

No insults are allowed. Included in this are all forms of flaming, harassment, and trolling/goading as determined at the discretion of the FUSA moderating team. Trolling/Goading is defined as repeated attempts through the use of images, cartoons, smileys or text that is designed to be explicitly demeaning, patronizing, embarrassing, or otherwise upsetting to a member or group of members in the community. This further includes making false statements or accusations about a member. Sarcasm is not included under this rule.

Do not attack another member's character in any way. Address the post content, not the member's character, family, denominational affiliation or any other subject that may be perceived as a personal attack by the FUSA moderating team and is not germane to the topic or post at hand.

Do not state or imply that another member or group of members who have identified themselves as Christian are not Christians. If there is an issue where a member seems to have circumvented the basic tenants of the faith in order to join the community, please privately contact the FUSA moderating team to voice your concern.
If a member requests the cessation of all personal contact, then please respect that member's wish.
Blasphemy will not be tolerated. This forum is intended for a Christian audience. Those who are not of the Christian faith are welcome to sign up. Any derogatory remarks about God (including the Son and Holy Spirit) will be removed. The same goes for remarks about Christianity.

No Spam. FUSA is a place for thoughtful discussion. This means that we are simply not interested in any product or any other solicitation for that matter. This includes posting across multiple forums. While ultimately under the staff’s discretion, the following are considered spam:
Any solicitation for any product or service outside of a member making a post in the Christian Links forum with the required minimum of ten (10) posts achieved.

The act of posting multiple topics on the same issue, otherwise known as cross-posting, is not allowed.

Posting rather excessive, meaningless short replies outside of the, examples would be posts that simply say “Yes.” Or “I agree” and do not contribute to the actual discussion in meaningful form. It is absolutely fine to acknowledge your agreement, but please refrain from posting single-word replies. If multiple members do this, it begins to take up space and increases clutter. Off-topic posts clearly and deliberately placed in the wrong forum(s) are included.

Do not lie. True Christians will not post rumors or false accusations, one would think that would be a given. However, this is one thing we will not tolerate. Remember that our father hates false balances/scales (Proverbs 11:1). This includes lying about yourself to gain access to forums as well.

No vulgar/obscene language or images. We are mostly adults here, but younger audiences might frequent this forum as well. Please refrain from using offensive language in light of this. This is, by far not, just limited to swearing, and includes graphic language or content of sexual nature.

Respect Privacy. This includes your own. Under no circumstances will you publicly share any correspondences or personal information of any member. On top of that, please do not share your own information publicly on the forum. Aside from attracting spam bots that will inevitably result in inboxes bursting with spam, it is never a good idea to give our personal information. We obviously cannot moderate private messages, but be advised that you never really know who is on the receiving end of that information. Any personal information posted in a topic will be removed.

No illegal activity of any kind. Any kind of illegal activity will not be tolerated. This includes posting porn, roms, warez, stolen music or any other activity which violates United States law.

Respect copyrights. If you draw from others’ work, please cite your sources (reasonably) and provide proper credit.

Do not circumvent forum policies or publicly discuss staff actions. This means that if you are disciplined for violating forum rules, do not circumvent bans or other limitations placed on your account. If you have an issue with action(s) taken by the staff here at FUSA, please use the appropriate private channels to conduct your appeal or dissatisfaction. And remember, simply because someone has “Account Disabled” as a tag does not mean that they were banned.

These rules are not that difficult to follow, so no need in pushing the limits. They are only here to make the discussion fair to everyone. Ultimately, violations of the above are at the sole discretion of the staff here at FUSA. If you have an issue with one staff member, feel free to contact another or ask to speak to a superior. For the most part, we like to think that we are all pretty reasonable folks.

The consequences of a specific result will depend upon the degree of violation as well as the judged intent. They can result as anything from a warning to a suspension period on to a full ban from the community.

Thank you for abiding by these rules and have a great time  Smile
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Rules of Conduct
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